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          Born on the Fourth of July

          On July 4,1938, while families were viewing fireworks and celebrating the birth of the?United States, Caterpillar quietly announced a secret that had been under development for some time. It was the “birth” of a completely new model of motor grader:?The?Cat? Diesel No.12.

          The First Modern Motor Grader?

          Recognized as one of Caterpillar's most significant motor grader designs of all time, the?Diesel?No.12?was?originally called an Auto Patrol.?And, while motor graders were?initially?designed for highway maintenance, the No.12 was also developed to do construction work.?

          With its wide range of blade adjustments, and the combination of tandem drive and low-pressure tires, the No.12 had both the traction and the speed necessary for construction and highway maintenance work.?

          A Leader in Yellow Iron

          Caterpillar was, and remains today, the leader in development of what we call “yellow iron.”?In fact, you can see the?DNA of the Diesel No.12?in the?Cat 12M series.?It?is the longest-running production model in the grader product line.

          The No. 12 is an example of Caterpillar using cutting edge technology to provide our customers with the solutions they need. Today, we continue to focus on the changing needs of our customers by expanding our product and service offerings.?

          To learn more about Caterpillar’s long history of innovation, go to?caterpillar.com/history.?

          Diesel No.12 Auto Patrol Diesel No.12 Auto Patrol


          The people of Caterpillar have always been – and continue to be – extraordinary. See photos and videos and people and products from our past.

          Explore Our History


          Cat motor graders continue their reputation for offering world-class cab and controls, advanced electronics and hydraulics, and optimum productivity... to match your needs in any application.

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