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          PODCAST: Listening, Learning and Leading



          Wendi Gentry-Stuenkel?has learned a few things along the way during?her?25+ year career in the automotive?industry. Sure, she knows plenty about all-things supply chain management and yes – that’s what got her hired?as the?new?director of?Integrated Logistics?at Caterpillar’s Product Support & Logistics Division.?If you want Wendi to talk about the nuts and bolts of supply chain management – she’s?glad to do it. But in her recent Caterpillar Podcast conversation?–?words like “collaboration,” “curiosity,” “listening,” and “learning”?are what Wendi wanted to share?in front of a recent gathering of the Experienced Professionals Employee Resource Group.??

          Show highlights are listed in the program guide below.?Get the latest episodes of the podcast delivered to you by subscribing on your favorite podcast app –SoundCloud,?iTunes?or?Google Play.?

          PROGRAM GUIDE?(23:32 Total Run Time)?

          2:50?–?A farm girl grows up loving math and building things

          4:40?–?A rebellious streak?stops?an engineering career before it starts

          6:15?–?General Motors at age 18

          8:30?–?How a few years in the car industry turned into a 20-year career

          10:28?–?Making a?monumental?career decision?

          14:15?–?Navigating a whole new world while hitting the ground running

          17:04?–?Wendi’s leadership essentials (Hint: curiosity & humility)

          19:55?–?A remarkable “last” day before coming to Caterpillar?

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          The Caterpillar Podcast gives you the dirt on the company, the people and of course the yellow iron.

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